Why do I need Teami Colon?

Throughout the years, our bodies are exposed to thousands of toxins in foods, drinks, and even pollution in the air! These toxins can stay built up in our digestive system and can leave us feeling exhausted, bloated, tired, achy, and more! Our Colon Tea is an 100% natural and gentle way to get rid of these toxins and reset our digestive system to function at its best!

How much water should I drink?

Although 6-8 oz of water is a good daily average, it is HIGHLY recommended that while you are on your 30 Day Detox you increase your water intake! Challenge yourself to carry a 1-gallon water jug with us everywhere we go and put it as a personal goal to finish it daily!

When do I start drinking my Teami Colon?

Per our 30 Day Detox calendar, you should start drinking your Teami Colon on the night of your second day! We want your body to start getting the nutrients from our Teami Skinny for at least 48 hours. So on Day 2 of your 30 Day Detox, unwind and make yourself a warm mug full of Teami Colon!

Will the colon tea keep me in the bathroom all day?

NO!!! It definitely won’t. This gentle blend is meant to drink right before bedtime, so it works its magic while you sleep! When you wake up, you will use the bathroom one time and feel cleansed and rejuvenated for the day! Our biggest tip is to stay hydrated so that your body doesn’t have to work so hard to flush out those excess toxins- so fill up that tumbler with water throughout the day!

How long should I steep my colon tea?

If you’re just starting out, you should start steeping your Colon tea for 1-5 minutes! As you get farther along into your detox journey, you can and should start increasing your steep time to receive maximum benefits from this magical tea! A good rule of thumb: the longer you steep your colon tea- the more toxins you’re getting out of your body!

Can I drink this blend on its own?

While you can definitely drink this blend on its own to help reduce bloating, this is the nighttime tea in our 30 Day Detox Program! We strongly suggest that you do our entire detox program- which is our Teami Skinny and Teami Colon together for just 30 days! You will see and feel the maximum effects of these two blends when used together!


Health benefits of Teami Colon:

Cleanses toxins from gut

Can reduce bloating

Can aid in overall digestion

Can improve skin complexion

Now that you have all of your answers – we can’t wait for you to try it for yourself!  You can find this power-packed blend in our 30 Day Detox! You can even choose from 2 flavors – original and lemon! Both can be easily customized by adding honey , agave, or your favorite fruit!

Everyone’s body needs a natural cleanse – what are you waiting for? Join us for our next detox challenge!