Bloom Recovery Mat



Bloom Recovery Mat   

How can the Recovery mat help you?

  • Based on the same principle as acupressure to significantly relief pain in the problem areas
  • Stimulates the production of endorphins;
  • Endorphins are chemicals that help to relief pain or stress and boost happiness and sleep! Also known as your body’s natural painkillers;
  • Just a few minutes a day can change your life for the better;
  • The mat is made of message elements shaped like lotus flowers, which deeply message the muscles and eliminate nerve tension and spasms;
  • Diminishes inflammation in the body;
  • No negative side effects or allergic reactions.

Clinical studies of acupressure mats

  • Reduces inflammation of the muscles and joints;
  • Dramatic reduction in pain was reported;
  • Accelerates cell metabolism;
  • Improved oxygenation of the tissues;
  • Improved emotional and physical health.
This is why the Bloom Recovery Mat is made with natural, environmentally-friendly materials. Bloom Recovery Mat goes a step beyond competing therapeutic massage mats by combining a smart, elegant design with quality materials.
Bloom Recovery Mat is made with:
  • HIPS plastic — a hypoallergenic material that is certified for use in surgical equipment.
  • NATURAL linen — safe for both you and the environment.
  • REAL cotton — completely natural, without any artificial dyes or chemicals.
  • NATURAL coconut fiber — provides all-natural cushion and support.

How to use the Bloom Recovery Mat

The zones of the body where the Bloom Recovery Mat has the greatest effect are the back, shoulders, neck, waist, hips, feet and hands. The most common way of using the Bloom Recovery Mat is to lie your back (on the Bloom Recovery Mat) to relieve minor muscle aches and pains.

Lay your Bloom Recovery Mat on a bed or on the floor. Remove the shirt or other type of clothing from your upper body (or put on a thin shirt if more comfortable). Slowly and carefully lie down on your back − do it gradually, supporting yourself with your arms by the sides of the mat. Draw your knees up in a bend in order to press your lower back to the surface of the mat. You may keep your legs bent at the knees or straighten them.


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